Picture yourself in the heady days of late twentieth century New York City: Studio 54, The Gallery, The Loft - surrounded by the finest tunes, carefree spirits, and egalitarian joy. But right here, in the heart of King’s Cross. A hidden paradise right on your doorstep just waiting to be taken advantage of. Well, that’s just what we’ve got waiting for you here at Lafayette.

Lafayette is London’s worst kept secret, an opulent paradise buried in the tunnels of King’s Cross, with an unbelievable, spacious main room, secret speakeasy cocktail lounge, Louisiana style courtyard & balcony and old-time saloon bar, all spectacularly decorated and kitted out absolutely whopping sound-system with all the headroom and clarity you could wish for.

If you’re interested in booking Lafayette for a club night email Luke Pontin at: [email protected]